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Transportation of bulk and liquid cargo

Transportation of goods - one of the advantages of our company. Services provided transportation products throughout our country. Depending on the state of aggregation, customers can be provided:

Tankers can be single or a multi. The main product is transported, sunflower oil, though the capacitance may be adjusted and for milk, liquid food supplements, and even chocolate syrup, sorbitol, etc.; We are not engaged in transportation of chemicals or hazardous liquid cargoes.

In the carriage of liquid cargo needs special control. Without exception, all food items must be transported in absolute accordance with the applicable sanitary and epidemiological norms. Each tank shall be covered sanitary control. In our interest to provide and maintain a clean tankers, and we pay close attention. Each loading capacity passes only after careful cleaning and treatment. Transportation of bulk cargo - a multistep process that allows our customers complete security and safety of the quality of each of the transported liquid cargoes.
Transportation of bulk cargo

Transport of bulk products is carried out by dumpers. Freight can be made at any distance in any amount. Quality and efficiency of our services are provided at a high level, so you absolutely can not worry about the safety of your product, as well as delivery time. Choosing special equipment, remember that each transport unit must meet specific specifications. We can provide a wide range of dump capacity. When transporting bulk materials of small volumes, is not economically feasible to use large-capacity vehicles.

Providing vehicles from our fleet of special equipment, we tried to take into account all possible nuances and conditions of the order. Qualified and experienced staff to quickly and efficiently carry out cargo transportation. Thus, bulk cargo transportation provided by our company, at a cost democratic. Comparing to the cost of transport as a whole, we can say that the claimed work offset the price for the service. In addition, we will provide all necessary documents and guarantee delivery on time.

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