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Sunflower husk pellets

Pellets - sunflower husks treated in a special way. As a by-product of vegetable oil, it is a sunflower husk pellets. Capsules cylindrical shape having a length averaging about 50 mm and diameter 10 mm. Milled sunflower seeds are pressed under high temperature conditions, not including any binder, to give a density of 1.2 kg per thousand cubic meter at 8% moisture.
High calorific value to nothing

Natural recycled byproduct has a high calorific value. Sunflower husk pellets in calorific value easily exceed the value of brown coal. About 7% of ash produced from the burning of pellets, with ash wood processed products 1%. Given these characteristics, wood pellets have found great use in the household. Husk pellets too - ideal for furnace heating systems in industrial applications. Ash residue often used as an additional advantage, enriching its plants.

Relatively recently, the pellets were used as a solid fuel. Many industrial enterprises and individuals had to try this product and use it effectively. The great popularity among consumers caused a relatively low cost and natural products. According to statistics from the annual increase in the demand for alternative sources exceeds the mark of 30%. So, for example, developed country such as Sweden, according to the government’s program is to increase the annual consumption of fuel pellets to 7 million tons, and the UK respectively 600 tons.

Our company is rapidly growing and offers mutually beneficial cooperation. Partners and customers can be both private individuals and organizations that need quality and universal solid fuel. Similar offers provided neighboring states have much higher. By that seeks domestic producer. With regular lifting of tariffs on petroleum products and electricity demand, and therefore the cost of sunflower husk pellets will grow not only in our country but also in other EU states.
Arguments in favor of the granules

Admirers who have already try husk quality in work identified several important advantages of alternative fuels. Unlike traditional energy obvious advantage is environmental cleanliness. Carcinogenic or other dangerous substances are released either during storage or during combustion. As part also no seeds or spores of plants that can be culprits of allergic reactions. Important argument in their favor is the efficiency and high functionality. At relatively low cost, pellets can be effectively used as a solid fuel.

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