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Procurement of wheat bran and sunflower

SUNOLTA a known company in Ukraine for processing sunflower and wheat germ. Therefore, a priority activity is the purchase of sunflower and wheat bran. Thank you for your interest and promise to justify the confidence of working with us. We guarantee the best conditions for the purchase, both large and small suppliers. If you sell wheat bran and sunflower seeds, please contact our specialist for more information.
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SUNOLTA company produces oil, sunflower meal, flour and first grade. Also carried out the sale of fuel pellets. Due to continuous production and a constant demand for the products of the procurement of sunflower and wheat bran in large volumes.

Sunflower we recycle, producing vegetable oil, sunflower meal, pellets. Famous culinary properties of the oil obtained by refining it Ukrainian sunflower, have long been known throughout the world. Sunflower meal - the result of pressed vegetable oils, this product becomes the basis of feed for farm animals. Increasing demand for cake, but because buying sunflower our company does not stop. In this case, we set a decent price for the farmers.

We produce pellets from sunflower husks. High pressure husk Perez excluded adding binder. Granules or as they are called, the pellet is used as a solid fuel. World practice this application certainly touches and Ukraine in the near future.

Wheat bran are interested in and are used as food. The further processing of their use as feed for animals. As a result of refining grains, bran valued for its high content of fatty acids, protein and micronutrients. Company SUNOLTA receives wheat bran for further processing.
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Professionalism, modern equipment and continuous improvement - advantages of the company. International certificates of quality and credibility among suppliers and buyers of the company - proof of an honest and transparent business. We invest in new technology, as well as improve the management system in order to cooperate with us was simple and beskhlopotnym. Wheat bran, sunflower - purchase of this product is carried out on mutually beneficial terms. Call us and we will solve the problem on their own delivery.

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