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What are pellets?

Today, the problem is urgent for the whole humanity of alternative power generation options. One of the outputs can be regarded as a fuel which is made of waste. A clear example can be made from the husks of sunflower pellets.

Pellets made from the husks of sunflower: benefit or harm

The process of any manufacture and processing has the feature that the result is not only the finished product but also waste. It is important to learn how to use this waste properly and efficiently. Thus, during the production of sunflower oil is husk, which is the husk of sunflower seeds. They may be processed into pellets. These are granules that consist entirely of compressed husk. Enjoy granules of a cylindrical shape and small size, the parameters of up to half a centimeter.

An important characteristic of this fuel is its density, which is 1.2 thousand kilograms per 1 cubic meter. Husks of sunflower is the process of grinding and pressing under high temperatures, before the turn into pellets.

Their advantage lies in the method of using the granules as an alternative fuel. After all, they have many positive qualities over traditional methods:

·        environmental friendliness;

·         energy consumption;

·         economy;

·         serviceability.

Such materials do not contain chemical additives, so do not cause allergy. Do not even talk about their low cost and functionality. After the beads bag carries all storage conditions and at the same time life is great enough. Thus, transport granules which are readily adopt any form of volume is easy.

Methods of use

After combustion, the pellets made from the husks of sunflower leaves a little more waste compared to wood pellets. Therefore, they are widely used in industry, where the percentage of ash does not play a special role. Of course, for private home use amount of combustion residues of sunflower pellets may seem high volume.

It is worth noting that this ash can be used for fertilizer plants in your garden, because it is rich in beneficial elements. Remember that all the waste can simply throw it away, but it is better to know how to properly dispose of used or where else. It is possible that even the remains are still suitable for any business.

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