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Why flour is well represented on the shelves in stores? The vast majority of people, following the habit, acquired just such a product. Due to high demand, the sale of high-grade flour increases on the market today.

To treat white flour corn, crushed to 0.1-0.2 mm, the components of which are particles of endosperm. Rubbing in the palm of a pinch, you can see a uniform structure without feeling any significant grains. Wheat flour, which relate to the highest grade snow-white, but sometimes has a slight shade of cream. A distinctive feature is the inclusion of gluten. Among other species the best flour called "Extra".

This type of flour is most commonly used for baking various products. But its use is not recommended for everyday use. Product with such content Krochmalna substances has no utility, since it is practically no important and necessary inclusions, which are macro-and micronutrients.

Flour bakery definitely different amazing features. Baking muffins or cakes, you can see that they are well raised, become soft, fluffy. This effect is achieved by the presence of the small pore structure. Choosing a product for baking products, you can make great yeast, puff and shortcrust pastry. It is also acceptable to add to sauce and delicious flour refueling.

Having defined the term "flour", it would not hurt to understand what is the alternative. In other words, what products are still produced from wheat and which one is the best choice to the consumer.

First grade has grinding somewhat cruder than the highest. Furthermore, it is already contained a minor inclusions of cereal shell, in which there are useful active components. This product is most suitable for use in savory pastries, cakes and pie.

Class II is much larger than the first. Consequently, it contains more coarse particles. Because this product is treated with a grain of advance, it is more natural and useful. Second grade flour turns rough, even has a few gray, cream shade. It is suitable for baking pancakes oladushek, wafer of her well-received dumplings and dumplings. Very difficult it is to make a muffin or a muffin without adding high-grade flour. Besides, the production of it very quickly becomes hard and dry.

Wholemeal, or as it is called ordinary consumers, wholegrain flour, also made with unpolished grain. In addition it contains the endosperm and the embryo and the shell zerns. Since all the parts are composed of grains, flours such most useful. The only significant shortcoming is too large structure. Dough made of high-grade flour, will stiffen, and after baking - pretty tough.

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