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First grade flour

Types and differences between flour today is quite large. Determine the necessity of purchasing a product can, knowing fully its characteristics. Because you can make a meal of any cereal, then the product can be made different. Some flours are ideal for pancakes, bread, cake, etc, others - for pasta and pastries. Which types are best to use?

Wheat - the basis for wheat flour. Among all the housewives are the most popular type, so the sale of the first grade flour is common in our country. Manufacturers produce several varieties, so you can choose the most appropriate depending on the purpose.

Buckwheat flour. Accordingly, it is a product of the buckwheat grains. Buckwheat flour is very well suited for allergy sufferers or with diabetes. It is not well suited as a manufacturing pancakes because it small fraction of stickiness. For the pancakes components can be combined in a ratio of 1:1, 2:1 and practical (wheat flour and buckwheat respectively). This recipe is perfect for traditional Russian crispy pancakes.

Rice flour. Pretty easy and fine. It is perfect for making sauces or breading. But it is more practical products available in the shop and not cook for themselves, so it is very tight in the kneading.

Barley flour. Light, airy fragrance gives this kind of flavor, reminiscent of a nut. Bake from it can be a variety of products, they turn soft and tasty. No matter whether you want to get pancakes, biscuits, even the bread you get is just marvelous. For greater density of its practice to add the first or sauce. However, it is more practical to use a mixture of barley flour and wheat.

Cornmeal. One of the most sought after wheat. It is produced in several variants: rough grinding or fine. Depending on what kind of bread you want to get granular, more dense and crumbly or soft, select the appropriate grinding. From it is prepared and main dishes such as polenta, polenta banush and classic cakes in Mexico.

Knowing the advantages and minor disadvantages, you can combine different varieties to give the desired product. The more experienced mistress, the more she is able to skillfully use the original materials. Using for cooking all of these products, you can get not only tasty, but healthy food to eat.

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