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Sunflower oil

Ukraine occupies a leading position in the production of sunflower oil in the world. Ukrainian sunflower oil production in large quantities can be found on the shelves of stores in Europe. It is appreciated and loved. This sector is due to the high demand is constantly evolving and improving. And the company’s activities SUNOLTA - is no exception.

Priority activity of the company is processing sunflower oil cake and production of fuel pellets. Under the pressure of sunflower seeds, preformed with mature flower squeezed. Likewise, manage to get a little sunflower oil, in the further extraction and pull the rest of the fat from sunflower seeds. The output is a crude oil having a pleasant smell and taste. But its shelf life is relatively short. Crude sunflower oil, can buy and appreciate every woman, it is fast becoming Rancid and cloudy. Therefore raw material goes into further processing, where it is obtained from crude and refined sunflower oil.
Crude sunflower oil

Oil Treatment is carried out by settling and filtration of raw materials. Next, it is subjected to freezing, a process that prevents clouding oils even at very low temperatures. Unrefined refined sunflower oil, which can be bought in every store of the country, is used as a salad dressing, giving the dishes a pleasant aroma. In addition, crude oil is rich in vitamins A, E, D, F. fry But it is impossible, because when heated it releases harmful substances, foam and provides not the most pleasant nutritional properties of cooking.
Refined sunflower oil

Refining process is phased purified by sedimentation and filtration, hydration, neutralization, clarification, freezing. At the final stage of raw materials and deodorized nitrided. During all these stages refined sunflower oil becomes completely purified. It is suitable for long-term storage without loss of taste and quality characteristics. It greatly diminished mineral trace elements (in large quantities, by the way, was vitamin E), but also the harm from such oil will not. Refined sunflower oil, which is worth to buy for frying and baking, has a neutral smell, foam or smoke.

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